Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka

Moment of Truth

Being new in Melaka, we took time in understanding the business cycle and consumers' needs. We were hit badly in the first quarter 2010 with irregular spending pattern of the consumers as well as decreasing visitors at the Dataran Pahlawan. The opening of Jaya Jusco also created the shock to the Dataran Pahlawan's typical visitors and not to mention the critical parking space construction at the Mahkota Parade made the situation worst. For us in NLA, leaving December 2009 into 2010 was a real challenge. In the course of difficult time, we saw the painful retreat of De'Celup outlet infront of The Old Town Outlet. The impact of Jaya Jusco opening really shocked us throughout Q1, 2010.

Fortunately, the cloudy sky did not stay long. With the completion of the Mahkota Parade's renovation and parking lot enhancement, the once busy Mahkota Walk seems to attract back the past glory. More visitors seem to be coming back to this historical part of the city.

Our team began a new preparation to face the new Q2,2010 challenges. New skills were developed within our staff group. Food quality is of our highest attention and given the slow pace of the business in Q1, 2010, we managed to develop enhancement to the dishes. Our hot spicy fried chicken suddenly gains its new title for favorite request. The chicken rendang carries few flavors and varieties, including the Negri Sembilan Rendang as well as regular rendang. With some changes, we look forward to welcoming June 2010, the month with full new challenges and new events.

We also will have new look with our new FIFA World Cup black t-shirt to share the excitement of the World Cup event. Big screen will be installed at the outlet for our customers to watch the World Cup games. For Malaysia, Sukan Malaysia (SUKMA 2010) will also be the attraction for the first two weeks of June 2010. School mid-year break would bring more visitors to Malacca. Lots of things are coming in June and you are part of it in Malacca. We hope to see everyone at NLA outlet on the Dataran Pahlawan!! Have a great taste of nasi lemak and "selamat bercuti di Malaka!"

A visit by the Managing Director of Invirotech, Mr Sukri Ibrahim and his wife

Preparation for a delivery

Nicely packed and loaded for the trip

Final preparation for departure

Finally, January 2010, The Busking Park did take place, but we did not see our friends, Adha and his team there!!

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