Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our New Menu for NLA Melaka

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka

Actually, our Dataran Pahlawan Melaka outlet for Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru is still relevant even with all the changes happening around the historical city of Melaka. Our Melaka staff have worked very hard to ensure our customers are satisfied with our varieties of choices for selected dishes while maintaining the signature dish, nasi lemak, NLA Melaka version.

Changes that occur around our establishment have made our position stronger and we are still serving the die-hard fans of nasi lemak in Banda Hilir. We will come back with more choices to add to the existing menus in phases and soon.

Here are our popular choices of menus:

NLA Melaka - Set Nasi Lemak with choices of toppings

NLA Melaka - Roti Jala

NLA Melaka - Scramble Eggs & Toasts

NLA Melaka - Half Boiled Eggs

Here is our selection of munchies:

NLA Melaka - Basket of Wages

NLA Melaka - Karipap

NLA Melaka - Keropok Lekor

NLA Melaka - Basket of Fries

NLA Melaka - Basket of Chicken Nuggets

Our other choices of menus, hot from the wok station:

NLA Melaka - Beef Soup

NLA Melaka - Pisang ala Bali

NLA Melaka - Rice Cake (nasi Impit) with Beef Rendang

NLA Melaka - Fried Rice with Sambal Udang

NLA Melaka - Nasi Goreng Kampung

NLA Melaka - Nasi Goreng Biasa

NLA Melaka - Nasi Goreng Ayam

NLA Melaka - Meehun Sup

NLA Melaka - Mee Rebus Pattani

NLA Melaka - Mee Goreng

Our drink ambassador:

NLA Melaka - Lencikang Drink

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Melaka

Happy New Year 2011
October, 2009 was the month this outlet started. It has been over a year now. Along the way, we have managed to overcome many difficulties. We are glad that with everyone's support, we are still delivering the local dishes to the visitors of Banda Hilir, Melaka and specifically to the visitors of the Dataran Pahlawan and Melaka Parade.

We would like to continue to offer the visitors of Banda Hilir, Melaka the Malay cuisine that every Malaysian knows and loves, nasi lemak. Our outlet offers spacious and ample space with fresh atmostphere on top of the Dataran Pahlawan complex. Please come and visit us whenever you are in Banda Hilir...

Yes, we are going to stay and we look forward to the new year 2011, just like everyone else. As the year 2010 is ending, we, the Melaka Outlet Team would like to thank everyone for your continuous supports, constructive inputs/suggestions and warm friendship.

May Allah bless you and your family in the new year with health, happiness and full of blessing, insyaallah. Happy New Year 2011 and thank you very much.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka

Moment of Truth

Being new in Melaka, we took time in understanding the business cycle and consumers' needs. We were hit badly in the first quarter 2010 with irregular spending pattern of the consumers as well as decreasing visitors at the Dataran Pahlawan. The opening of Jaya Jusco also created the shock to the Dataran Pahlawan's typical visitors and not to mention the critical parking space construction at the Mahkota Parade made the situation worst. For us in NLA, leaving December 2009 into 2010 was a real challenge. In the course of difficult time, we saw the painful retreat of De'Celup outlet infront of The Old Town Outlet. The impact of Jaya Jusco opening really shocked us throughout Q1, 2010.

Fortunately, the cloudy sky did not stay long. With the completion of the Mahkota Parade's renovation and parking lot enhancement, the once busy Mahkota Walk seems to attract back the past glory. More visitors seem to be coming back to this historical part of the city.

Our team began a new preparation to face the new Q2,2010 challenges. New skills were developed within our staff group. Food quality is of our highest attention and given the slow pace of the business in Q1, 2010, we managed to develop enhancement to the dishes. Our hot spicy fried chicken suddenly gains its new title for favorite request. The chicken rendang carries few flavors and varieties, including the Negri Sembilan Rendang as well as regular rendang. With some changes, we look forward to welcoming June 2010, the month with full new challenges and new events.

We also will have new look with our new FIFA World Cup black t-shirt to share the excitement of the World Cup event. Big screen will be installed at the outlet for our customers to watch the World Cup games. For Malaysia, Sukan Malaysia (SUKMA 2010) will also be the attraction for the first two weeks of June 2010. School mid-year break would bring more visitors to Malacca. Lots of things are coming in June and you are part of it in Malacca. We hope to see everyone at NLA outlet on the Dataran Pahlawan!! Have a great taste of nasi lemak and "selamat bercuti di Malaka!"

A visit by the Managing Director of Invirotech, Mr Sukri Ibrahim and his wife

Preparation for a delivery

Nicely packed and loaded for the trip

Final preparation for departure

Finally, January 2010, The Busking Park did take place, but we did not see our friends, Adha and his team there!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bonda Normi - The Founder of Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru

Surprised Visit by Bonda Normi, the Founder of NLA Kampung Baru

The night view of the outlet, attracting those who want space and comfort when dining with family or friends.

1 Muharram 1431, the Hijriah new year brings surprise to our Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Melaka outlet. Upon finishing our new year staff operational strategic breifing, we were surprised by the presence of the founder of NLA establishment, Bonda Normi.

Puan Khasnoor, Bonda Normi and Abang Jakaria (Jack Sparow - Facebook name)

She sat down at one of the front counter tables awaiting for her well known business partner and family friend, Abang Jakaria who had to park the car at Mahkota Parade's newly completed car park. Rain was pouring down this afternoon and it was perfect that her presence at our outlet was a real honor especially on the new year's day.

Her story is available on line if you google her name, but listening to her directly face to face, we were very much delighted by her motherly approach and her passions for cooking. Preferred to be addressed as Bonda, she iterated that in 1973, when she started her nasi lemak business, it was really difficult and it took her one year to sell 5 kg's of nasi lemak at 80 sen per serving with one full boiled egg in Kampung Baru, KL.

We never thought that Bonda Normi would do cooking demo to our kitchen staff.

Bonda Normi took up the challenge to cook her finest recipe of fried mee for the crew that evening. Seldom these days one sees her holding the wok and utensils cooking out her famous recipe.

Expert at her best..

She also validated the taste of our chilli gravy (sambal) stock that makes Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa so unique for over 36 years of its historic operations. Today, the original shop in Kampung Baru is still inviting loyal customers as well as new visitors. Her presence that night lasted from 4:00 PM to 11:30 PM, the longest stay of her visit to the outlet.

It's like an inviting aura that customers continued to enter the door for the night.

The customers lined up to make the selection at the counter.

Bonda Normi also gave a few tips for food preparation in the kitchen. Her advices are valuable for the learning and the betterment of the outlet. She was more than happy to show how to roll up her best known "lepat pisang berinti" (stuffed banana cake) she used to sell in Kampung Baru.

Bonda Normi and Abang Jakaria concluded their visit by signing our guess book together.

Bonda Normi and Abang Jakaria worked and won the title Raja Nasi Lemak in 1980's.

Our cheerful staff concluding the night.

It was also the day we introduced Otak-Otak Mersing in addition to satay.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Have you heard this unique tune at NLA Melaka?

Adha and Huzai, The Kookaburra Group, decided to make it big this time, the stage at NLA Melaka was the platform to practice for the waited Melaka Buskers' Month... Here is what they managed to tune up last night. We still do not know what happens with the event which is to be organised by the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall...

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru - Melaka Outlet

The Changes for the New Hijriah Year 1431 - NLA Melaka Outlet

On the first day of Awal Muharram, Friday, December 18, 2009, we had the first staff operational strategy briefing, focusing at a few key emphasized areas, mainly operational safety, finished serving quality, customer service and direction setting.

The first key change is the enforcement of the limited front desk counter services period to cater for the male crew of the outlet to fulfill their Friday prayer obligation from 12:45 to 2:30 PM. This schedule will be enforced every Friday at the outlet. Hot meal orders from the kitchen will be suspended during the stated 1hr 45 minutes period but main dishes as served at the front counter will be made available as usual. The time allocated is more than essential given that the closest mosque for the tennants and visitors of the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall is not really a walking distance; as such, it is hoped that the City Hall will take that into consideration in the future infrastructure plan for the city. During major holidays, it is challenging enough to spot a vacant car park and let alone to have to drive to get to the closest mosque at Pulau Melaka.

Operational safety is the expectation that every team member is responsible to look after his or her safety as well as the safety of the others. Operational safety starts within one self which leads to the individual operational actions starting from the simplest task of switching lighting on and off to the crucial kitchen equipment and gas operations and handling. At NLA Melaka outlet, we want everyone to come to work and to go home safely. It is our leading principle that short cuts and unsafe behaviours are not acceptable.

Our job is to ensure that we provide quality finished serving for our customers. All the meals in our menu will be checked before they get to the front counter. Each team member is dedicated to have the ownership for the quality of specific serving meal, including how it tastes. We haved obtained the helps we needed to ensure the originality of nasi lemak Kampung Baru taste at our outlet and the article about that will follow.

Attending to customers' needs is key to our success. With young crew team members from a combination of new university graduates, under graduates, diploma & certificate holders as well as some selected young and enthusiatic talents who are currently trying to learn to do the best job, we ocassionally encounter some challenging experiences. While it is part and parcel of the service industry, our crew team members are encouraged to begin the journey to excellent customer service by learning to build self confidence. A simple greeting with hi or a smile to the customers would make a big difference! We will not have script, forced expression or a standard phrase to say, but we want to be honest, genuine and sincere in our action and interface with our customers. Soon, we will be recognized for our unique quality of our customer service.

Our establishment in Melaka is a start. We would like to ensure that our capacity to serve the Malay culinary choices and needs of the Dataran Pahlawan and the the Herritage Park visitors are met. With 200 seat capacity and large space area, we want to provide the comfort and place to meet all day long. Our menu will continue to be added and from time to time, more Malay dishes will be made available for our custormers and visitors. Come and experience the late night tranquility on top of the Dataran Pahlawan, the kind of space and view one would not have in other bustling cities in the world including in KL. However, in Melaka, our space has not been utilized or "abused" enough to light up the night of Melaka center point!! Yes, we are open until 2:00 AM and we are prepared to be awake until 3:00 AM if our seats are seated!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Satay at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru - Melaka Outlet

Fresh satay serving all day at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru, Melaka Outlet

Our unique outlet name depicting the primary serving of nasi lemak is not necassarily limited to only nasi lemak. Our combination serving and offer of authentic choices to customers make our outlet attractive to be a family place when it comes to family dinner, lunch or coffee and tea stop.

Our satay on the grill

Our satay serving is currently available only in our Melaka outlet and not yet available at any other NLA outlets in KL. Our satay is barbecued on natural charcoal smoke and flame which leaves the taste and aroma of satay unforgetatble, moist and soft. Served with fresh cucumber pieces mixed with crunchy fresh peeled onions over the home made peanut gravy, you can be assured of its originality and freshness.

Again, NLA Melaka Outlet is bringing all together closer to you, your family and your memorable stay in Melaka.