Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bonda Normi - The Founder of Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru

Surprised Visit by Bonda Normi, the Founder of NLA Kampung Baru

The night view of the outlet, attracting those who want space and comfort when dining with family or friends.

1 Muharram 1431, the Hijriah new year brings surprise to our Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Melaka outlet. Upon finishing our new year staff operational strategic breifing, we were surprised by the presence of the founder of NLA establishment, Bonda Normi.

Puan Khasnoor, Bonda Normi and Abang Jakaria (Jack Sparow - Facebook name)

She sat down at one of the front counter tables awaiting for her well known business partner and family friend, Abang Jakaria who had to park the car at Mahkota Parade's newly completed car park. Rain was pouring down this afternoon and it was perfect that her presence at our outlet was a real honor especially on the new year's day.

Her story is available on line if you google her name, but listening to her directly face to face, we were very much delighted by her motherly approach and her passions for cooking. Preferred to be addressed as Bonda, she iterated that in 1973, when she started her nasi lemak business, it was really difficult and it took her one year to sell 5 kg's of nasi lemak at 80 sen per serving with one full boiled egg in Kampung Baru, KL.

We never thought that Bonda Normi would do cooking demo to our kitchen staff.

Bonda Normi took up the challenge to cook her finest recipe of fried mee for the crew that evening. Seldom these days one sees her holding the wok and utensils cooking out her famous recipe.

Expert at her best..

She also validated the taste of our chilli gravy (sambal) stock that makes Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa so unique for over 36 years of its historic operations. Today, the original shop in Kampung Baru is still inviting loyal customers as well as new visitors. Her presence that night lasted from 4:00 PM to 11:30 PM, the longest stay of her visit to the outlet.

It's like an inviting aura that customers continued to enter the door for the night.

The customers lined up to make the selection at the counter.

Bonda Normi also gave a few tips for food preparation in the kitchen. Her advices are valuable for the learning and the betterment of the outlet. She was more than happy to show how to roll up her best known "lepat pisang berinti" (stuffed banana cake) she used to sell in Kampung Baru.

Bonda Normi and Abang Jakaria concluded their visit by signing our guess book together.

Bonda Normi and Abang Jakaria worked and won the title Raja Nasi Lemak in 1980's.

Our cheerful staff concluding the night.

It was also the day we introduced Otak-Otak Mersing in addition to satay.

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